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ISHS membership categories

ISHS Membership Categories

  • Individual Membership: available to all individuals at a cost of EUR 95 including VAT (or equivalent in USD) for one calendar year (EUR 80 for members outside the European Union - exempt from VAT). Individual membership comes with 15 complimentary full text article downloads from either Acta Horticulturae at www.actahort.org or any of the journals and other publications available in the www.pubhort.org online service. Individual members, citizens from countries with a classification other than "high income" or "upper middle income" on the country classification list by The World Bank automatically receive a special membership discount in the form of extended membership: they pay the regular amount of membership dues but will automatically see the length of their Individual Membership doubled. In other words members from qualifying countries, when activating or renewing their membership, will see the number of calendar years automatically doubled (provided they currently do not reside in another country that would not qualify for this reduced membership offer). Individual Members receive a 20% discount when ordering Acta Horticulturae in print or ActaHort CD-rom format.
    See http://www.muschi-chat.com/ishs-membership-benefits for a list of other Individual Membership advantages.
  • Student Membership: Discounted membership category available to junior members up to the age of 28 years.?Applicants should be without employment and enrolled in a college/university/institution as a full-time student. The cost of Student membership is EUR 50 including VAT (or equivalent in USD) for one calendar year January through December (EUR 40 for student members from outside the European Union , exempt from VAT). Student membership comes with 3 complimentary full text article downloads from?www.actahort.org
  • Institutional Membership: available to institutes, libraries, industry partners, organisations, etc. at a cost of EUR 240 (or equivalent in USD + VAT where applicable) for one calendar year (i.e. January through December) and includes 25 complimentary full text article downloads from www.actahort.org or?any of the journals and other publications available in the www.pubhort.org online service. Institutional membership does not include individual membership advantages such as e.g. reduced registration at symposia or waiving of the abstract submission charge which are advantages available to individual members only. Alternatively Institutional members can choose to pay the optional EUR 550 (+VAT where applicable) membership rate instead which in addition to their institutional membership benefits for one year would include an additional 4 individual membership accounts during the same period of one year. This option would be particularly interesting in case a number of employees working for the Institutional member will be attending an ISHS meeting in that year inasmuch as they would benefit from the reduced ISHS membership registration at ISHS Symposia. Institutional Members receive a 30% discount when ordering Acta Horticulturae in print or ActaHort CD-rom format or when subscribing to Acta Horticulturae.
    To apply for Institutional Membership use this contact form to send your order and invoicing address after which you will receive an invoice.
  • Country and Region Membership: contact us if you want your country or region to be represented on ISHS Council. Annual membership for countries or regions is EUR 240 per calendar year (+ VAT where applicable). Some of the advantages include: ability to better follow up and guide horticultural science related activities in the country or region and to ensure that these are happening within the framework of ISHS; to appoint up to three country or region representatives to the Council of the ISHS (the Council is the highest decision making body of the Society). The Council meets every second year. Through representation on Council, the ISHS offers its country and region members the opportunity to meet with representatives of other countries and regions as well as with representatives of international agencies who have observer status at ISHS Council meetings. The payment of Country and Region member dues guarantees that scientific organizations within the country can apply to organize ISHS sanctioned international symposia and conferences. Hosting of such meetings often leads to Country or Region scientists gaining leadership positions in the Society. Furthermore, Country and Region members can apply to ISHS to convene the bi-annual meeting of the ISHS Council, the annual ISHS Executive Committee meeting and/or the quadrennial International Horticultural Congress. Country/Region members can also choose to pay the optional EUR 550 (+VAT where applicable) membership rate instead which in addition to the country/region membership for one year would as well cover 4 individual membership accounts for the same period in time of one year.
  • Corporate Membership: Close cooperation with corporate members provides different scientific and practical opportunities for both the industry partner as well as the ISHS. These opportunities include collaboration and networking, development of innovative technologies, and sustainable solutions for horticultural crop production chains. Clear and sensible criteria/guidelines help ISHS target prospective corporate members.

    Industry partners who wish to become ISHS corporate members should
    :: Have activity that is linked to integrated processes of horticulture,
    :: Have a global or regional (rather than local) impact,
    :: Operate within international ethical standards,
    :: Have a sustainability strategy,
    :: Have a willingness to work with ISHS in a non-exclusive environment,
    :: Be willing to participate in collaborative engagement.

    Contact the ISHS Secretariat with your Membership related questions